Only short when standing

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Only short when standing up

Moe is all torso. Spencer is all legs. Look for their wacky new sitcom on Fox.

On professionalism

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Fan mail

The creepy touch

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Fan mail

What you did Friday night: Tipmas 2011 pics & vid

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Duncan/Channon Tipmas 2011

You were truly en fuego. Get a load of the pictures and video. Or see them on the handy-dandy Tip Records app you downloaded at the party. Or download the Tip Records app right now and then check ’em out. Way to bring it.

Tip goes legit

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Tip historic designation letter

Possible new revenue stream

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We’d be happy to tutor Kenneth, for a fee. But only through the 39th of January, of course.


There are different ways to say “Welcome back from vacation.”

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From the unprecedented celebration of Duncan/Channon’s unexpected, unlikely and, frankly, unbelievable 20th anniversary, proof that it wasn’t all just a fever dream, starring flaming snails, giant rabbits, lustful cheerleaders and musical mayhem of every imaginable variety.

Our favorite pics of other things we don’t remember.

Photos from the Bunny Boudoir!
Find yours here.

A recap of the live entertainment after the jump. Continue reading